ur edits are so bad

oh sorry what dont you like about them omg JUST TELL ME

to the fella over there with the hella good hair

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i just love this blog so much <3


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I don’t know what to say! I’m so happy, I whish I could thank each one of you and say how much I love you all

hey i really love you and your headers. can you do taylor swift headers too? and i cant find your user on twitter i wanna give credits 💓

awe thank you so so much! i love you too and i’ve already done taylor headers today! it’s been a while since i’m not answering asks but i’m back now, and baby i’m not using twitter anymore no need for credits, only liking the post would be aaawesome! if you don’t like the headers just tell me okay? 

random taylor swift headers

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✺ good vibes ✺

okay so i didn’t test these before posting, i would be glad if you guys could send me some feedback or whatever as i haven’t been posting since forever, but here we go

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I accidentaly deleted photoshop but hey i’ll try to install it tomorrow so i’ll post some new headers!!! Oh and the reason why i can’t follow you guys is cause this is a side blog, so yeah :( but ily anyway

totally random headers

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Qual é o programa que você usa para fazer headers??

Photoshop CS5 *smiling emoji*